Embrace technology to avoid automation

By Clare Bridget Dussman

Do you feel the temptation to turn off the apps and revert to your paper BOLs?

As talk of mass automation enters the political discourse, the temptation to turn away from technology grows in the shadows. It’s fair to say that technology can prompt unsettling change, but instead of turning away, see the bigger opportunity. The best way to fend off automation is to lean in to technology. Make technology work for you!

Automation tops Gardner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, but the report also highlights human augmentation –– making humans physically or cognitively better through the use of technology.

For auto transport carriers, we’ve seen how mobile apps can centralize order information and eliminate the paperwork tornados inside truck cabs. The industry has also made huge steps forward in transparency. Geo-tagged photos eliminate squabbles over when that rear bumper scratch REALLY happened. The more drivers utilize cutting-edge technology, the less automation becomes a way to save money.

The Negative Ned may say, ‘I can’t compete with a computer’. Well Ned, I would like to disagree. Most of today’s AI can’t process extraneous information in the same way drivers can.

AI can’t request a missing feature, adjust a route for an unexpected road restriction; or comfort nervous customers.

Although robots can complete set tasks the same way, over and over again, we humans are uniquely capable of seeing beyond the confines of the task. Identifying the need for the unknown is where drivers truly shine. If drivers continue to embrace technology, there’s an opportunity to save time, deliver more cars, and for everyone to make more money. Even you, Ned.


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